Cucumber (Огурец)

Khimki, Moscow, 24


Eco Cafe "Gherkin"

Purpose (mission):

Formation through a healthy diet - a healthy lifestyle, thoughts and attitudes towards nature and people around, among citizens of the Russian Federation.

A mild change in food and life habits of Russians.

Where do we start:

We create (first in Moscow and the region, then throughout the territory of the Russian Federation) a network of cafés for healthy eating.

Politics, ideological content, filling the menu and information that is distributed through our cafes, is designed to form among our visitors the skills of an eco-friendly and nature-like lifestyle.

The network of our cafes will have the widest possible audience coverage due to the location of objects and marketing policy. The menu is created on a plant-based basis, with many dishes having a form and sometimes even a taste similar to the dishes familiar to a wide audience (assortment of “fast food”, and fast food restaurants). We offer people food and drinks in their usual places (busy streets, shopping centers, subway exits, train stations, etc.)

p.) in its usual form, for its usual and sometimes lower price, BUT, with a healthy content, wholesome and balanced.

We will attract people through creative activities and actions to nature conservation and saving the personal health of everyone as part of the planet's ecosystem. All our cafes will be the most "green" from the name "Cucumber"), to the interior decoration and the surrounding space of the cafe. By personal example, by spreading our ideas through the media and the Internet, we will inspire people to nature conservation and a reasonable attitude to the resources of the planet. We install separate garbage collection tanks and use the most environmentally friendly packaging and packaging of our products, plant trees and collect batteries, involve our visitors and people "just passing by" into environmental activities.

Change yourself and change the world around !!! It’s already time it’s time for TOGETHER to change, and change the world around you! Easy! With benefit for themselves and for the world. We will give people health - through food! We will bring good into the world and get Gratitude from people, including material.


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Cucumber (Огурец)

Cucumber (Огурец)

Cafe Cucumber

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