Yoga Center "Its Yoga" (Центр йоги "Своя йога")

Tula, Chernikovsky lane, 4


Friends! We have long thought and formulated the answer to one question that concerns us: why did we create our yoga?

The main task of our center, we see the popularization of yoga among the residents of Tula and Tula region. We want everyone to tell and share their own experiences: how yoga works, where health comes from, and why people feel better after classes.

We declare with all responsibility: we are not a sect! We have never conducted and will not conduct activities leading to the manipulation and destructive destruction of the human psyche. We also calmly and with acceptance treat all religious systems and traditions.

We build our classes based on the principles of a healthy lifestyle, principles of understanding deep, traditional yoga philosophy, which are based on an active desire to reduce the harm done to society and others. We are also ready to develop and participate (and are already doing it) in social, environmental and health projects.

Therefore, we, first of all, want to make our yoga center a place where people come to receive knowledge, work on themselves and learn their life


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Yoga Center "Its Yoga" (Центр йоги "Своя йога")

Yoga Center "Its Yoga" (Центр йоги "Своя йога")

Yoga classes in the city of Tula. <br />
Convenient location of the hall; a team of qualified instructors; <br />
pleasant yogic atmosphere; affordable prices and individual approach to each student.

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