yoga studio YogaSphera (студия йоги YogaSphera)

Nizhny Novgorod, Maxim Gorky, 117, of.315



The following practices are presented at YogaSphera Studio:

• Hatha Yoga (for beginners and continuing)

• Kundalini Yoga

• Yoga for pregnant women

• Classical Yoga

• Aerial yoga in hammocks

• Yoga for those who are older

• Family yoga

• Yoga therapy

• Women's yoga

Yoga is a universal science, affecting all aspects of human activity from physical health to spiritual development. And with love and gratitude we will share the experience and knowledge that we managed to acquire ourselves.

In our halls, the best teachers of Nizhny Novgorod teach, constantly improving their skills and having a rich teaching experience of several years. Each instructor has his own personal practice, which supports his personal professional level, allowing him to share its fruits with practitioners of our studio.

We pay special attention to the correct safety of asanas detuning. The task of our instructors is to provide an individual approach and the possibility of development for each person, whether it is a beginner at all or an experienced practitioner.

We are convinced that yoga is open to people of any age and level of fitness, with any religion and worldview. We want to support everyone who postpones yoga just because he considers himself too old or not flexible enough, too fat or thin, too tired, sick or weak.

Yoga has something for everyone!

Our integrated approach is that through practice, you will not only learn to feel your body, communicate with it, change its state, but also gain knowledge and experience that allows you to live more consciously, harmoniously and full.

Yoga compares favorably with other methods of development by its consistency. We are confident that yoga is not just a training system, not only philosophical views, but a way of life that improves health, increases the overall level of energy and the quality of life in general.

This is due to regular practice, and our studio YogaSphera can help you stay on this difficult and at the same time exciting way! After class, our practitioners experience feelings of emotional lightness, elevation, comfort in their body, wholeness and fullness, relaxation, and the attainment of something new!

In addition to yoga classes, YogaSphera Studio offers you a homely atmosphere, a yoga library, pleasant tea drinking with like-minded people - all this is our support for you on the path of development, on your way to a harmonious life in the modern world!

Address: N. New


yoga studio YogaSphera (студия йоги YogaSphera)

yoga studio YogaSphera (студия йоги YogaSphera)

Studio YogaSphera is a cozy and harmonious space for practicing yoga in the center of the city, where everyone can choose the direction that is suitable for them - both a beginner and an experienced practitioner.

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