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Services of a speech therapist, defectologist, neuropsychologist, neurologopedist, aphasiologist, bilingual speech therapist, myofunctional therapist.

Online classes around the world, face-to-face in Moscow in centers and at the client's home.

Own interactive speech therapy programs.

Full-time classes: logo yoga, myofunctional therapy, neuropsychology, neurologopedia, Scandinavian correction system, speech therapy massage, correction of dysgraphia and dyslexia using Scandinavian methods, the Sheikh psychological system, identification and inclusion of compensators.

A competent combination and selection of methods for correcting speech disorders in accordance with the individuality of a child or an adult give an excellent result.


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For children and adults.<br />
Non-classical speech therapy approach for children and adults. A mix of world methods, a complete departure from the Russian system for a high result!

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