Basis of Health (Основа Здоровья)

Lyubertsy, Initiative, 7B


In our store you can find: -useful cereals (live grains, cereals, bran, c / grain flour and products from it); useful snack (bread, crackers, candy bars); natural first aid kit (elixirs, balms, syrups, food additives); healthy sweets; cold-pressed natural vegetable oils and more. Products store is designed for daily health food. All products are checked by professional nutritionists and doctors, they completely lack harmful and dangerous components. In addition, we have a wide selection of natural cosmetics and biodegradable detergents.


Basis of Health (Основа Здоровья)

Basis of Health (Основа Здоровья)

Shop of healthy nutrition and natural cosmetics www.instagram.com/osnova_zdorovya_lyubertsy

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