Mantra Art (Мантра Арт)

Moscow, Chertanovskaya, 38 k2


MantraArt is a new level of drawing - for the SOUL!

We offer you to draw completely unique pictures yourself - these are images from different spiritual traditions, mandalas, drawing and meditating on which, you can draw into your life the corresponding benefits and energies.

Drawing such pictures, we establish contact with our intuition and feelings, with our inner self, we find the balance of internal and external forces, we are free from stress, it is easier to overcome any difficulties and meet every day with joy!

You get a ready-made set for "drawing by numbers." Opening it, you can immediately start creating. You do not need any special training or additional tools. With this amazing set, without exception, everyone will be able to master the art of painting, feel the joy of creativity and reveal their inner talents!


Mantra Art (Мантра Арт)

Mantra Art (Мантра Арт)

MantraArt - painting on canvas by numbers

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