Healthy Nutrition "Healthy" (Полезное Питание "ЗОЖ")

Arkhangelsk, Lomonosov, 81


The only store in Arkhangelsk with a large assortment of vegetarian sausages and pates. Products with healthy ingredients, no sugar, no gluten. Living collagen.

Our shop for:

1. Vegetarians;

2. Pensioners;

3. Diabetics;

4. Mom on GV;

5. Allergy sufferers;

6. Everyone else who needs health and beauty.

We have:

1. Chocolate;

2. Candy;

3. Coffee substitutes;

4. Sausages;

5. Tofu cheese;

6. Living collagen;

7. Pine nuts;

8. Cedar oil;

9. Cedar resin;

10. Siberian honey;

11. Many other things from Altai


Healthy Nutrition "Healthy" (Полезное Питание "ЗОЖ")

Healthy Nutrition "Healthy" (Полезное Питание "ЗОЖ")

Store of useful food products, eco-cosmetics and other goods from Russia, Altai for health and longevity in Arkhangelsk.<br />

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