Eco-shop healthy lifestyle cafe "Zdravitsa" in Gelendzhik (ЭКО-магазин ЗОЖ-кафе "Здравица" в Геленджике)

Gelendzhik, per. Vostochny, 42


Healthy food shop-cafe "Zdravitsa" - useful eco-products for health and longevity.

We have collected for you a unique collection of the most valuable gifts of nature from different parts of the world!

The assortment of the ECO store includes only those products that we trust and use ourselves.

The main criterion for selecting goods is the naturalness of the components, usefulness and safety.

Who is the ECO store for?

- for those who want to have a healthy alternative to consumer goods from supermarkets; - for those who want to restore health, energy and shape through healthy nutrition and body cleansing; — for those who care about their health, about the health of their family, think about the future, want to live long in a healthy beautiful body, sound mind and good mood!

The food in our store is selected for people at different stages of the transition to healthy food - from omnivores to ideal human nutrition. The assortment will please vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, athletes and just people who are striving for a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to healthy food, natural cosmetics, aroma oils, eco-cleaning products and other eco-goods are waiting for you!

There is also a healthy food cafe for you.

Every day more and more people want to join a healthier diet. More and more people are becoming vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists. Today, the market is oversaturated with products labeled "eco", but it is not easy to find a really high-quality and pure product. The residents of Gelendzhik were lucky in this regard, because everything necessary for a "special" diet, including "superfoods", was concentrated in the Toast eco-shop!

Eco-shop assortment:

~ RAW-PRESSURED OILS, including OWN PRODUCTION, from a variety of seeds and nuts, as well as olive and olives, are stored in the COLD, this is above all requirements!

~ URBECHI - pastes from different types of seeds (flax, pumpkin, poppy, sesame, etc.) and nuts.

~ PP sweets - no sugar or flour, yeast or trans fats: vegan patties, whole grain sourdough breads, spelt bagels, etc. Much GLUTEN-FREE!

~ Raw food desserts: halva, sweets, bars, marshmallows, flaks, granola and fruit chips.

~ Organic berries, vegetables, herbs, fruits and dried fruits without processing, dried in the sun or at a gentle temperature. ~ Different types of nuts: almonds and hazelnuts, walnuts and pine nuts, cashews, pistachios, macadamia and others. ~ Grains, seeds and legumes for sprouting and use in dishes: green buckwheat, flax, sesame, hemp, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, poppy, chia, quinoa, chickpea, mung bean, lentil, canihua, amaranth.

~ Vegan sausages, sausages and kebabs.

~ Herbal seafood: kelp, spirulina, nori, fucus, wakame and dried kombu, as well as gels, powders, capsules and tablets.

~ Ivan-tea, Sagan-daylya ("tea that prolongs life"), blue tea "Anchan" for slimness of the body, black Abkhaz rosehip, hawthorn, cinquefoil, echinacea and many valuable herbs, roots, fruits.

~ Delicious Indian spices, various types of salt.

~ Healing herbs, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, PUFAs, enzymes and coenzymes as a building material for a healthy body and natural energy from Ayurveda and AUR-ORA!

~ Effective means for improving the quality of drinking WATER - Core-All, active silica, "border" ("Aquabonus") and "solar" ("ORA") water.

~ A wide range of means for CLEANSING THE ORGANISM, from which competent complexes have been selected for an independent comfortable, effective and safe passage of a cleaning course.

~ Products of our own production, which you can take with you or taste in our healthy lifestyle cafe, and EVERYTHING is without heat treatment, which means that all vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients are preserved in an unchanged natural form! These are cakes and sweets, halva, chocolate, mousses, ice cream, bread and even pizza and shawarma!

Eco-shop-cafe "Toast" in Gelendzhik:

per. Vostochny, d. 42 (left wing of the house)

from 9 to 21 daily

tel 8 988 339-74-49 (WhatsApp)

VKontakte: https://vk.com/ecomag_gel

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eco_zdravitsa

Geoposition: https://yandex.ru/maps/org/9860723257 The owner of the eco-shop is Elena Abramova:

- raw foodist, anti-nutritionist, nutritionist

- Practicing trainer for the transition to species nutrition

- a specialist in cleansing the body with natural methods and means

- the author of his own longevity system - Life-Saving Lifestyle ("ZHSZH") and the system of specific human nutrition in the "8-8-4-4" and "2-8-2-12" mode



5% - ECO shop
10% - healthy lifestyle cafe
Eco-shop healthy lifestyle cafe "Zdravitsa" in Gelendzhik (ЭКО-магазин ЗОЖ-кафе "Здравица" в Геленджике)

Eco-shop healthy lifestyle cafe "Zdravitsa" in Gelendzhik (ЭКО-магазин ЗОЖ-кафе "Здравица" в Геленджике)

Eco-shop healthy lifestyle - cafe Zdravitsa, Gelendzhik

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