Superfoodshop (Суперфудшоп)

Mytishchi, Sharapovsky passage, possession 2, shopping center, & quot; Red Whale & quot;


We are the Superfoodshop team. Among us there are vegetarians and syroeda, "dishman" and vegans. We are all united in the belief that in even our difficult times you can be healthy and happy, you just have to start from yourself. We did it, We started with ourselves and we are ready to accept everyone in our friendly team who want to change their lives.

In our store you can always buy:

- delicious homemade dried fruits without chemicals: apricots, peaches, white and black mulberries, mulberries, pears, apples, yellow and black plums, cherries, cherries and, of course, dates!

- Fresh Urbech from Dagestan - 28 varieties !!!

- raw organic superfoods from around the world: chlorella, spirulina, chia seeds, peruvian maca powder, hemp protein, vitgras, barleygras, goji berries, acai berry powder, lukum, guarana ...

- raw organic cocoa products

- seeds and cereals for germination: black and brown sesame, green buckwheat, sunflower seeds, rye, wheat, oats ...

- raw organic premium coconut oil

- raw food loaves


Superfoodshop (Суперфудшоп)

Superfoodshop (Суперфудшоп)

Everything that is sold in our store - we tried everything for ourselves, therefore we are responsible for the quality of ALL products!

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