Pure product (Чистый продукт)

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Like many people, my wife and I want to use high-quality, healthy, natural products. We also do everything so that our children, parents and friends also receive the best of what you can find, order and buy. All this in order to improve the quality of life and, as a consequence, extend it in the best possible healthy and positive state. We, like many, used joint purchases in various forums or special resources, but this is not always convenient and efficient.

They began to look for manufacturers and suppliers of products of interest to us themselves. Call, negotiate ... In order to get a good price and optimize the cost of delivery, you need to choose a large volume of goods. After spreading on its own, for the realization of the remnants, this resource was created.

As mentioned above, the selection is based on some important criteria: naturalness, quality and price. We check (as far as possible) the authenticity of the certificates, we come to a personal meeting for the production and after we make sure that it is worth the money they ask for, we make an order.

In order to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation further sale occurs according to all the rules. Open PI, taxes are paid. Contracts with transport companies. Copies of certificates for the goods are provided. This increases the cost a bit, but it remains lower than in stores.

As you can see, the range of goods is not very large and is very scattered on the subject. Over time, some positions may be closed due to changes in the quality and price of the product; something new will appear. Time will tell.

I hope our project will be useful for you and your loved ones!


Pure product (Чистый продукт)

Pure product (Чистый продукт)

Our family-owned online store has collected for you the most interesting products that you need to include in your regular daily diet to saturate the body with useful vitamins and minerals: various superfoods, germinating herbs, whole grain flour, natural oils and honey, bran and sugar substitutes, and much more. <br />
We ourselves strive to build proper nutrition for ourselves, and at the same time we want to be able to purchase goods at the most optimal prices. And we succeed! And we decided to share this opportunity with you. <br />
Prompt delivery, low prices, discounts and promotions! <br />
To get a discount when ordering through the site, specify the special code "vegcard" (in small letters). The discount action is not cumulative with other discounts and promotions in the online store. <br />

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