Altai Health (Здоровье Алтая)

Kaliningrad, Chernyakhovsky, 15-15a / Professor Baranov, 1, Central Market Pavilion P-140

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  • 5% - on all products


You can buy natural remedies from manufacturers of Altai Krai from us. Always on sale herbal teas and fees, balms and syrups, jams, preserves, fruit drinks and other drinks. The oils of the first are cold


5% - on all products
Altai Health (Здоровье Алтая)

Altai Health (Здоровье Алтая)

Altai Health Store is a unique product based on medicinal plants, deer antlers, beaver stream and mumiyo. The assortment includes medicinal teas and balms, oils and natural cosmetics, eco-products.

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