TRAWA plant food (TRAWA растительная еда)

Saratov, Volskaya, 57



TRAWA is a space for people who care about the world around them and their own health. A cozy shop-bar is located in the center of Saratov on the street. Volskaya, 57, corner of the Soviet.

"TRAWA is a healthy food market, a mini-bar, a meeting place for like-minded people and those in love with the green lifestyle.

You will find a wide range of gluten-free vegan products, superfoods, non-chemistry sports nutrition, live foods without high-temperature processing, nutritional books, recipes collections and much more in our Zozh Market.

In the mini-bar, we make coffee and press super nutritious cold-pressed fresh juices! The top favorites in our bar are Blue and Green Matcha-latte and RED coffee from Africa with 0% caffeine.


5% - food and cosmetics
20% - drinks to take away in your mug #MyCupPlease
TRAWA plant food (TRAWA растительная еда)

TRAWA plant food (TRAWA растительная еда)

Shop TRAWA - is the main label on the map of all Saratov vegetarians and vegans. Here you can find literally everything - from sausages and flour to ice cream and delicious drinks. There are no animal products on the shelves. We go to dispel the stereotype about a boring diet of vegans and join the culture. Veg-coffeeshop. Sports nutrition and juice bar are attached, therefore it is also useful for avid sex workers. <br />
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By the way, this is the first 100% vegan store in Saratov.

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