Eco shop "Ivan da Chai" (Эко-лавка "Иван-да-Чай")

Vladimir, st. Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 19a


On the counter in the eco-shop:

- Ivan-tea in packing and by weight;

- grasses and berries, packaged and loose;

- cereals for germination;

- products from amaranth;

- real Urbech;

- cocoa products and carob;

- food and

cosmetic oils;

- sugar substitutes, syrups;

- healthy cereals, cereals, soups;

- bioactive food supplements;

- natural healthy sweets;

- cosmetics without chemicals.

Stay healthy and

see you in the eco-shop "Ivan da Chai".


10% - For all goods
Eco shop "Ivan da Chai" (Эко-лавка "Иван-да-Чай")

Eco shop "Ivan da Chai" (Эко-лавка "Иван-да-Чай")

Shop eco-friendly products for vegetarians, syroedov and all those who care about their health and the health of their loved ones.

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