Green Orange (Зеленый Апельсин)

Krasnoyarsk, Karl Marx, 139 (entrance from the courtyard)


After a couple of years of proper nutrition, studying the effects of food on our bodies, we decided to share the information we received about products in the form of the Green Orange, Green Orange, greenorange24, healthy food and organic food store.

The store "Green Orange" collected the most environmentally friendly products of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Bread, snacks, flaxes, cereals, cereals, seeds, legumes, candy bars and more will be found in the Green Orange store.

We find suppliers who ensure that products and goods are as environmentally friendly as possible.

We are glad to see everyone!


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Green Orange (Зеленый Апельсин)

Green Orange (Зеленый Апельсин)

Shop healthy food and eco products.

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