Snacks №1 (СНЕКИ №1)

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Admit that you are not always striving for lunch or dinner to prepare a portion of fresh vegetables or fruits. But as a snack, they fit perfectly. When I really want to chew something in the middle of the day.

What could be more delicious than nibble an apple, pear, eat an orange or a couple of tangerines? But besides the pleasure and saturation of snacks bring the body a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Caring for health with a frantic pace of life is our top priority. We want useful snacks to replace chips and fast food. Eating the right and healthy food is not so difficult and our task is to make it as accessible as possible to everyone.

You will not see various E-supplements in our products ... simply because they are not there. There is no starch, sugar, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, dyes and improvers.

Imagine that you eat a simple apple, only in the most convenient format. The packaging is crafted, and the products are protected by double lamination from the inside. This is enough to preserve the freshness of the product.


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Snacks №1 (СНЕКИ №1)

Snacks №1 (СНЕКИ №1)

Natural snacks made from 100% fruits and vegetables. Do not contain sugar, starch, flavors, flavor enhancers and stabilizers. Save all the vitamins.

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