LLC Zdravtorg (ООО "Здравторг")

Serpukhov, Serpukhov district, D. Vasilievskoe, 49 B


Zdravtorg supplies consumers with healthy and environmentally friendly products, both of their own production and with products of decent suppliers that meet high quality requirements.

We help honest laborers to support and even develop the production of high-quality and natural goods.

We take on many of their concerns, solving the issues of automating the collection and processing of orders, advertising, promotion, reliable sales, delivery and quality control.

Zdravtorg today is what directly connects the ever-growing community of active, conscious and modern consumers with responsible manufacturers and suppliers.

We offer you products that meet environmental safety standards - i.e. obtained from natural raw materials without pesticides


LLC Zdravtorg (ООО "Здравторг")

LLC Zdravtorg (ООО "Здравторг")

Natural products for everyone!

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