Chain of stores "Eco-Life" (Сеть магазинов "Эко-Жизнь")

Evpatoria, office warehouse "Eco-Life", Lenin Avenue, 51/50


Eco-life is an actively growing network of health food and eco-goods stores. Our stores are the point of concentration of the most popular and high-quality organic products and eco-products from the largest and time-tested domestic and foreign manufacturers. We offer everything that will help you lead a life in the style of "ECO"!

Healthy food:

One of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle is nutrition.

Products that we present meet both domestic and foreign standards that apply to environmentally friendly products.

In our stores you will find the widest range of farm products, environmentally friendly, syrodavlenny oils from a variety of seeds, products without gluten, organic flour and cereals, spices, products from spelled, as well as many more tasty and healthy for all fans of healthy eating!


In order for a person to fully enjoy the taste and benefit of food, he needs to be healthy! After all, when a person is influenced by some kind of disease, the taste of life is not so sweet. Ayurvedic products presented in our stores help to cope with this task. Natural, vegetable, sometimes unparalleled Ayurvedic products will become your indispensable helpers for maintaining a healthy lifestyle!


Self-care is also very important in the modern world for both women and men. But in the pursuit of a beautiful appearance, you should not forget about your health and the environment. Cosmetic products we offer are ecological in nature, not tested on animals, made from natural ingredients. So the "beauty in eco style" is available to you in full.

Our team itself is fans and active participants of life in the style of "ECO"! Our goal is to help everyone who already leads a healthy lifestyle and those who only strive for it. Our stores with their wide range are designed to show that a healthy lifestyle is bright, simple, tasty and affordable!

Our pricing policy is aimed at ensuring that a healthy lifestyle is available to everyone!

Be healthy and happy!


Chain of stores "Eco-Life" (Сеть магазинов "Эко-Жизнь")

Chain of stores "Eco-Life" (Сеть магазинов "Эко-Жизнь")

Eco-life is a network of stores of healthy food and eco-products. We offer you to purchase certified healthy and tasty food, ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics, hygiene products, spices, incense, books, and much more. We offer everything that will help you lead a life in the style of "ECO"!

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