Livebody club (Livebody Club)

St. Petersburg, Kuznechny Lane., 6


Livebody is a team of like-minded people, people who share common values: a conscious approach to their health, the harmonious development of the individual and the desire for positive change. We welcome everyone who shares them.


- Author's offline course workouts and nutrition;

- Group training schedule;

- Personal training;

- Outdoor training;

- Master classes and lectures;

- Departures;

- Sports corporate.

The LIVEBODY course is 4 weeks of variable workouts and a nutrition program and mental tasks that will help bring your body into the desired shape and

Significantly increase your energy and mood levels.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE COURSE: - 20 variable trainings in the group of like-minded people; - Nutrition program developed by experts; - Analysis of body composition bioimpedance; - Mentor support; - Training diary for fixing the results; - Individual and team assignments; - Bonuses and gifts for activity; - Additional activities (lectures, master classes); - Graduation Party


5% - for all trainings
5% - for all courses
Livebody club (Livebody Club)

Livebody club (Livebody Club)

Studio group training in the center of St. Petersburg, where they come for fitness classes, atmosphere and communication. Emphasis is placed on the unusual author's variable training and the adaptation of the loads for each person. The studio has a functional training session with its own body weight, as well as with additional equipment: with weights, TRX hinges and rubber expanders. The club offers yoga in hammocks, stretching and balance training as a restorative workout. <br />
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