Health Center "Living Source" (Центр здоровья "Живой Источник")

Perm, Lilac, 2


Health Center "Living Source" is located in a picturesque place

Taranki Perm region, 25 km from the city of Perm. Here you will be offered an integrated approach to restoring and maintaining health. All the principles of health that you will be offered here, you can apply in your life and beyond! The Health Center has rooms with one to four seats, a vegetarian menu, exercise bikes and an ellipsoid trainer, walks in the fresh air in the forest, clean artesian water, lectures on healthy lifestyle, cooking classes, gymnastics for the spine, all this is included in cost of voucher.

To be healthy, you need to live in such a way as not to ruin your health. After all, usually a person is initially given the opportunity to maintain good health or at least strengthen it. But then a person brings more and more into his life that which destroys him. Moreover, we ourselves often do not know that we are hurting ourselves, but sometimes, we understand, but we do not have the strength to change. Our goal is to tell and show how to live in order to be happy and healthy. For this works the wellness center "Live


5% - For the entire wellness course, excluding additional services
Health Center "Living Source" (Центр здоровья "Живой Источник")

Health Center "Living Source" (Центр здоровья "Живой Источник")

Fresh air, comfortable rooms, tasty and healthy food, massage, kinesitherapy, salt <br />
room, phytotherapy, hydrotherapy, lectures on health, Nordic walking, exercise therapy. <br />
<br />
With us you can: <br />
- rest in peace and comfort <br />
-Health and recuperate <br />
- learn a healthy lifestyle <br />
- gain composure <br />
-find new friends

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