Muscle Nut

Serpukhov, Karl Marx, 2/1


Muscle Nut - for those who do not want to choose between tasty and healthy.

Being adherents of a healthy lifestyle ourselves and observing how this concept in our country is moving from a niche need to a basic one, in 2020 we launched our own production in the Moscow Region, where we make, package and pack our products ourselves.

The principle of the brand is a simple composition - without sugar, E-nis and palm trees. Full-cycle production is located in the city of Serpukhov, meets Halal standards (certification passed in February 2022), and this is the best quality control system.

Muscle Nut Crunchy Peanut Butter is the winner in the Best Healthy Topping nomination of the LIVE ORGANIC AWARDS 2021 Annual federal award in the field of healthy lifestyle and ecology.

To date, our pasta takes pride of place in the daily menu of world-class athletes and professional athletes, supporters of a healthy lifestyle, all those active and cool people who monitor their nutrition and read the composition of the product on the label.


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Muscle Nut

Muscle Nut

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