We developed the unique menstrual cup shape ourselves based on 10 years of experience in the field and testing dozens of different cups, which is why berrycup suits most girls.

We care about the customers, it is important for us that the girls like to use our product.

In our social networks you can find a lot of information and materials about how to make friends with the bowl.

We have a care department where girls can turn after the purchase and we will advise them on any issues and help them fix problems.

There are 7 girls in our team and we are trying to make a cool product that will help girls to live comfortably during their periods.


10% - For the entire range


Menstruation can be comfortable - with BerryCup!<br />
BerryCup cups were created in Russia with the participation of gynecologists and based on more than 1000 reviews from women.<br />
Try BerryCup - if you don't like it, we will refund your money

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