Cocoa cocoa (Какао как Какао)

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Our company produces unique cocoa with various natural and healthy additives. We use only natural ingredients, control all stages of production and value our customers very much.

We offer 6 different types of cocoa, each of which has its own unique taste:

- Branded cocoa (without sugar and other harmful additives)

- Cocoa with strawberries (contains pieces of natural strawberries)

- Cocoa banana nut (contains natural banana pieces and toasted almonds)

- Tropical cocoa (contains pieces of natural peach)

- Cocoa mint-orange (contains natural orange pieces and mint powder)

- Mexican cocoa (contains chili and cinnamon)


Cocoa cocoa (Какао как Какао)

Cocoa cocoa (Какао как Какао)

Cocoa with natural berries, fruits, nuts and chili peppers with cinnamon.

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