Currant (SmoRodina)

Magnitogorsk, Ural, 55



We are a manufacturer of natural cosmetics in the Southern Urals, from Magnitogorsk. Here people are especially in dire need of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and natural cosmetics are the contribution that we can make to the health of the inhabitants of our city, country and the planet as a whole. We carefully select ingredients, test formulations, and take care of nature by choosing natural or recyclable packaging for our products.

We are extremely honest with you in our compositions and fully disclose them on the site. You can also see the percentage of naturalness of each product and packaging information with recommendations for disposal.


5% - For the entire range (except sets and promotional offers)
Currant (SmoRodina)

Currant (SmoRodina)

The brand of natural cosmetics from the Urals

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