Lía craft cosmetics (LíA Craft Cosmetics)




LíA Craft Cosmetics is a brand of modern natural cosmetics. The unique, partially open production of our cosmetics is located in the heart of the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana at an altitude of 960 meters above sea level.

Inspired by the calm and magnificent landscapes of the mountains, we create products based on raw organic oils and innovative ingredients of plant origin, plant extracts, mountain flowers, filled with the energy of the mountains and the gentle southern sun. We use only high-quality European raw materials and we also produce part of the raw materials ourselves, which allowed us to achieve the highest quality of our product.

In the production of our cosmetics, we use only the purest thawed glacial water of the Krasnaya Polyana conservation area. Melt glacial water has a special crystalline structure and is endowed with healing properties. In addition, in the process of natural purification, water is saturated with various mineral elements, which are almost impossible to recreate in the laboratory.

Our advantages noticeably distinguish us and give absolute superiority in the market of natural cosmetics:   Our products can be used for all skin types at any age.   Own production at an altitude of 960 meters above sea level in the environmentally friendly Sochi National Park Melted glacial water saturated with mineral elements and cheese-pressed oils enriched with high-mountain oxygen High efficiency of cosmetics due to the use in the production of natural components and extracts with which our body is well aware. Therefore, they are easily absorbed and make up for the needs of the skin.

Only natural ingredients of the highest quality. Exceptionally Handmade


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Lía craft cosmetics (LíA Craft Cosmetics)

Lía craft cosmetics (LíA Craft Cosmetics)

LíA Craft Cosmetics is a brand of modern natural cosmetics.

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