Way to yourself (Путь к себе)

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"Way to oneself" - unites like-minded people in the field of proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles and self-development. For 25 years we have been helping people find their Way, their school, their tradition and remain themselves.

We are convinced that with the help of our products we support the desire of a person to reveal his individuality and the best aspects of his personality. Therefore, we tried to find the most diverse assortment for you: books on esoteric, yoga and oriental medicine, reference books on astrology, rare talismans, elegant jewelry, aromatic oils, incense, tarot cards, fortune-telling and feng shui, runes, rosary for practitioners, utensils for tea ceremonies and matepitiya, gifts, souvenirs and much more.

We are aware of the importance of an ethical lifestyle and attitude towards animals in order to preserve our planet, which is why our store offers an assortment for a full vegetarian


6% - for the entire range of the store
Way to yourself (Путь к себе)

Way to yourself (Путь к себе)

Natural foods, products for beauty, health, self-development and spiritual growth.

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