Ural Spirulina (Уральская Спирулина)

Nizhny Novgorod, 13 Marshala Zhukova sq.


We have come a long way of experimenting, trial and error, and finally, with complete confidence in quality, we are ready to offer you our products.

Our team consists of biologists, engineers, specialists in the field of management and marketing, with successful experience in the development and implementation of products on the Russian market.

It all started in 2013, when a young genius biotechnologist and a team from Yekaterinburg chose the algae industry segment, that is, algae food, for their research and development.

The basic direction was the cultivation of Spirulina Microalgae and the creation of food products using it.

Two bioreactors were built during the year to debug spirulina cultivation technology.

And already in 2014, the first batch of our own production went on sale.

During the growing process, some hydrodynamic features of the circulation of Spirulina algae itself, which affect its growth, were clarified.

Know-how was introduced on pulsed lighting (which made it possible to abandon the traditional day / night cycle), as well as on the improved composition of the nutrient medium and others.

As a result, a method of cultivating Spirulina was discovered, which allows one to grow a cleaner culture (compared to analogues), more balanced in composition and with a full range of useful substances, minerals and vitamins.

The spirulina production project became the finalist of the annual contest of innovative ideas - “Minute of Technoslava 2014” and was awarded a diploma of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region.

Since 2016, we began to develop technologies for the production of products containing spirulina.

In Yekaterinburg, bars for healthy nutrition in the form of a snack were successfully launched into production.

A Fusilli-style pasta recipe has also been developed.

Negotiations are actively ongoing for the supply of products in pharmacies in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

A promising direction can be called the use in various preparations of the pigment phycocyanin, which is the strongest antioxidant that is in demand for the rehabilitation of cancer patients after chemotherapy.

Currently, the Ural Spirulina brand is ready for distribution of Spirulina and its products throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The company's mission is to make Spirulina accessible to everyone.


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Ural Spirulina (Уральская Спирулина)

Ural Spirulina (Уральская Спирулина)

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