LLC "Ivan-field" (ООО "Иван-поле")

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The concept of the online store "Ivan-field" is the philosophy of proper nutrition and improving the quality of life through food. The project team is continuously working on expanding the range, finding creative solutions for vegans and more.

Thanks to its own agro-industrial complex in the Kaluga region which includes:

• 10,000 hectares of agricultural crops

• 400 hectares of apple orchards

• Certified fruit tree nursery

• Enterprises for deep processing of agricultural raw materials

• Park of agricultural machinery of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

• Apiary on 700 bee colonies

As well as our own production, we produce environmentally friendly products.

Our scientific base includes: a testing laboratory center (accredited in the Rostest system), a technology and development department, a production laboratory.

Due to this, dozens of technologists and specialists are responsible for product quality.

Internet-shop "Ivan-field" is presented in five lines

• Vegan

• Diabetes

• Sport

• Fitness

• Sugarless

• Creation

The line "Vegan" is actively developing and the range will be updated with new, useful innovations and developments.

Today we successfully sell our products in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus


10% - For all products of the "Vegan" category
LLC "Ivan-field" (ООО "Иван-поле")

LLC "Ivan-field" (ООО "Иван-поле")

Internet-shop "Ivan-field" - retail project NGO "Green Lines"

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