Amazon Bio Food (Амазон Био Фуд)

Moscow, Ivan Babushkina, 3/1


The company also owns its own plantations in Peru, where it produces part of the products for the presented line. In the near future, Amazon BioFood LLC plans to bring to the Customs Union markets superfoods previously unknown on the main markets of the Planet, which remain inaccessible for wide consumption. The main principles of the company: openness and quality.

It is really important for all Kamalampi employees to offer you the highest quality products from the most remote, untouched by civilization, places on the planet. By combining a traditional, nature-friendly, approach to farming with modern technology, we promise that your daily diet will be enriched with healthy, nutritious and delicious food.

Before certification, all our products undergo standard and additional research at the Moscow Research Institute of Nutrition. We hope that our environmentally friendly, superfoods grown in the traditional way will become an important support for a healthy lifestyle and diversify your table not only exotic and tasty, but also high in nutritional properties. We, the specialists of Kamalampi, and our partners find great joy in bringing products to the modern world, whose production is based on traditional, nature-friendly


5% - all superfoods
5% - Palo Santo
Amazon Bio Food (Амазон Био Фуд)

Amazon Bio Food (Амазон Био Фуд)

Amazon BioFood LLC - the KAMALAMPI trademark was founded in 2011 with the goal of creating a wide distribution network of products with a high content of nutrients (superfoods) and Palo Santo incense in the Customs Union.

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