Museum "Walk in the Dark" (Музей "Прогулка в темноте" )

Moscow, st. Avtozavodskaya, 18


The concept of our project is as follows: guests take a tour in complete darkness through specially designed locations: an apartment, a street, a spice shop, a museum and a cafe. Each of them is aimed at a new way of exploring space, without the use of vision.

There are people among us who live in this world all the time, the blind. And here they do not need someone else's help, rather, on the contrary: on a "walk" they become guides immersed in darkness. After the dark part, in the last, already bright room, the guide will tell you fascinating facts and stories from the life of the blind, about their achievements, and introduce you to the Braille system. As a result of the tour, visitors get a unique experience for their feelings and sensations, as well as perceive reality in a new way.


10% - Excursion
Museum "Walk in the Dark" (Музей "Прогулка в темноте" )

Museum "Walk in the Dark" (Музей "Прогулка в темноте" )

An unusual museum, the exposition of which is immersed in absolute darkness! At the Walking in the Dark museum, you will learn a lot about yourself as all your senses, except for your eyesight, will be seriously tested. By going on a tour with friends or colleagues, you will become much closer by completing tasks together in unusual conditions.<br />
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Tours are led by blind and visually impaired guides, for whom darkness is a familiar element. Our guides are all very different, but they have one thing in common - a positive outlook on the world. During the tour, the guide will tell the participants whether blind people see dreams, how one can cross the road without looking, whether it is true that the blind count steps and many other interesting facts about the peculiarities of the world in which they live.

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