Spacetime project (SpaceTime Project)



The history of the SpaceTime Project began during a trip to India and logically continued upon returning to Moscow. Its participants (Apollinaria Batyushkina and Leonid Fone) are DJs, yoga and meditation teachers, organizers of mindful parties and festivals. All project activities are distinguished by creativity, depth and non-standard approach.


10% - for rave meditations
5% - for meditations and other practices
Spacetime project (SpaceTime Project)

Spacetime project (SpaceTime Project)

Our author's format is RAVE MEDITATION, dance in a stream to electronic music with a dj performance. When you immerse yourself in powerful musical rhythms and the voice of the presenter, the outside world ceases to exist, the mind is cleared of unnecessary thoughts, you feel free, you begin to trust yourself and your body, clamps and blocks go away, the energy potential rises. <br />
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We also conduct various formats of conscious events: women's circles, meditations with a gong and singing bowls, shamanic Rapé ceremonies.

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