Yahmur Space Pokrovka (Yahmur Space Покровка)

Moscow, Pokrovka, 9s2


An unforgettable meditative journey awaits you with the participation of the most ancient and modern musical instruments, such as: rare Tibetan singing bowls, metal harp (tuned to "Gregorian solfeggio frequencies"), tambourines, didgeridoo, throat singing, gong, tuning forks (tuned to the frequencies of the planets of the solar system ), flutes, jew's harps, karatals, keyboards and many others.

During the practice, the masters are next to you, playing the instruments in motion. This is accompanied by an acoustic vibration massage.

A clear and harmonious stream of sound vibrates the molecules of the liquid (which is about 65% in our body), setting them in motion. It is this resonance effect that provides a deep massage to each cell.

The mind enjoys pleasant meditative melodies and rhythms, allowing you to let go of the problems of everyday life and return to the state of "here and now" without unnecessary effort. This is a real state of meditation of being in the moment in which there is an accumulation of energy and vitality.

Replenishing the inner energy of love and happiness with the help of sound therapy is the main and priority mission of Yahmur Space.


Yahmur Space Pokrovka (Yahmur Space Покровка)

Yahmur Space Pokrovka (Yahmur Space Покровка)

Relaxation and meditation center with live sound. <br />
In our studios, author's practices are held, which are sessions of meditation, using the healing and harmonizing effect of sound vibrations on the human body.

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