kotkafe "Murchim" (Котокафе "Murchim")

Novosibirsk, Communist, 45


Kotokafe "Murchim" - a space in which you can plunge into the atmosphere of the dimension of cat life. Play board games with friends, drink coffee and read a book or just play with cats - all this and much more awaits you in "Murchim"!

We work in a time-cafe you pay for the time that you are in a cafe, while you can bring food and drinks with you (except alcohol), tea and cookies are included in the price.


Opened another Kotokafe in the city of Novosibirsk !!!

To the address Tereshk


10% - For everything
kotkafe "Murchim" (Котокафе "Murchim")

kotkafe "Murchim" (Котокафе "Murchim")

For all VEGETARIAN card holders a discount of - 50% for the first hour of staying at a kota café.

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