Steam & Dream

Vladivostok, Okeansky prospect, 69


The soul of our establishment is the idea of ​​purity ... Purity of taste, color, deeds and thoughts

We used all our experience in our first project, health food stores VEGGY SHOP, and selected quality raw materials for cooking.

For example, to create a classic pizza, we use the best ingredients from all over the world - salt from the Himalayas, Italian flour from the foothills of Vesuvius with a pinch of Altai whole grains, olive oil from Greek farmers, unrefined sugar from Mauritius, Sri coconut oil -Lankans and juicy Italian tomatoes.

The main concept of our kitchen is a complete rejection of preservatives, yeast, refined sugar and salt, and other ingredients with a dubious reputation. We will try to satisfy your desires by offering vegetarian European cuisine, which will also feature gluten-free options and daring VEGAN & RAW experiments. ⠀ Any of the pizzas can be ordered in two versions - vegan (no dairy products) and lacto-vegetarian (with the creamiest


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Steam & Dream

Steam & Dream

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