Eco Cafe Milan (Эко-кафе Милан)

Nizhny Novgorod, st. Bolshaya Pokrovskaya 32, ul. Bolshaya Pokrovskaya 32


Dear visitors! Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are pleased to welcome you in our cafe with an updated menu that will suit citizens with a wide variety of taste preferences, and will delight people who are on a diet and visitors who eat heavily to show high sports results, as well as all who love healthy and with an appetite for a bite to eat!

Our regularly updated assortment will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding customers with a rich selection of first and second courses, salads, drinks, snacks and desserts from various cuisines of the world:

Author's original cuisine with non-standard, brightly decorated and unusually tasty dishes from the chef will appeal to lovers of everything new and unique.

European classical cuisine, with its balanced taste and calorie content, is ideal for both business lunches and family celebrations.

Russian hospitable and generous cuisine with favorite dishes that were eaten by our glorious great-grandfathers, but performed in a modern and dull manner.

Homemade traditional cuisine with delicious pastries and airy baking, from which it blows homely warmth and coziness.

Exotic overseas cuisine with its unprecedented fruit and colorful decor on your plate.

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine with high-quality herbal products, created by nature and prepared by caring hands of our cooks.

Fitness kitchen designed specifically for athletes, whose menu should be rich in protein and nutrients, allowing you to train with full dedication.

Lenten, but at the same time nutritious, non-trivial and tasty cuisine, the menu of which is carefully selected specifically taking into account religious practices and national customs of different nations.

HLS-kitchen, helping to stay strong, vigorous and healthy at any time of the year, as well as recover faster from injury or illness.

Raw-cuisine for raw foodists, the menu which contains not only vegetables and greens, but also berries, roots, nuts and spicy spices from all over the world.

But this is not all ... You are in for a pleasant surprise!

Are you ready for a delicious and unforgettable culinary adventure? Then we are pleased to introduce you to the pride of our menu - the original and very tasty closed sandwiches. They are prepared with an ultramodern press-grill, which retains all the beneficial properties and vitamins in a fragrant flat cake with a juicy filling!

Our principle: less dough and empty calories - more greens and valuable protein!

In the cafe "Milan" you can try oh-oh-very unusual "cold-hot" dessert sandwiches with ice ice cream inside and a warm crispy crust outside. Mmm, just yummy fingers!

After all, the food in the cafe "Milan" is always:

Yummy. We cook dishes with you, and we do it with love, so the food always turns out so appetizing!

Helpful We work with trusted suppliers, and therefore we use only fresh and natural products in our diverse menu.

Original We boldly experiment with the composition, the appearance and the way of serving the dishes, so that each visit to our cafe turns into a small gastronomic journey for you.

Available. We work so that each of our visitors can eat healthy food, because tasty and healthy does not mean expensive.

Milan is a cafe for people with a taste for life!


10% - main menu
10% - Sunday
Eco Cafe Milan (Эко-кафе Милан)

Eco Cafe Milan (Эко-кафе Милан)

"Milan" - a cafe for people with a taste for life! <br />
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Do you like tasty and healthy snack? Are you dieting, are you a vegetarian, or do you keep a fast? Or maybe you play sports, and you need a strong diet rich in protein and vitamins? <br />
<br />
So, the cafe "Milan" - what you need! <br />
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Here you can always enjoy comprehensive business lunches, a variety of vegan dishes, a classic European menu and low-calorie closed sandwiches with a huge selection of mouth-watering, juicy and exotic fillings. <br />
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If you need a quick, tasty and healthy snack at home or in the office, you can order prompt delivery of dishes around the city in the health food cafe “Milan”! <br />
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Welcome to Milan - a cafe for people with a taste for life! <br />

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