Frequently Asked Questions

Lost cards are not restored. You can purchase a card from our distributors (section "WHERE TO ACQUIRE THE CARD")

You do not need to register a new card, just send a new card number to us

The card can be bought from partners.

Card price 4 euro

You can exchange a faulty card at the Jagannat restaurant chain in Moscow

st. Kuznetsky Most 11, Metro Kuznetsky Most

st. Earthen shaft of 24/30, m. Kurskaya

st. Verkhnyaya Radischevskaya d. 9A, metro station Taganskaya

st. Maroseyka d. 4, m. China-City

st. 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya d. 13, metro station Mayakovskaya

Prospekt Mira, 31, metro station Prospekt Mira

Autumn Boulevard d. 10/1, forge the Krylatskoe

st. 1st Dubrovskaya d. 2B k.1, metro station Proletarskaya

Specify details at our manager +7 965 246 77 22

If you are mistaken in registering a card number, just send the correct card number to us.

E-mail [email protected]

Specify the name, card number and mail

If it suddenly happened that the card stopped working for some reason, most likely it demagnetized.

Exchange it at the cash desks of the Jagannath cafe network for free and send a new card number to us.

Register it again is not necessary.