Atreya Ayurveda (Атрея Аюрведа)

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Center of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy.


Welcome to our center of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy! Ayurveda is the oldest medical system. Over the centuries, it has accumulated invaluable knowledge and experience of deep treatment and eradication of the disease.

A comprehensive view of the human body in the paradigm of "soul - mind - body", an individual approach and the use of exclusively natural products make Ayurveda a unique and unparalleled "science of life."

In our center you will receive qualified assistance from the best masters who have been trained in well-known Ayurvedic universities and schools in Kerala, the heart of Ayurveda, and have many years of experience in Ayurvedic practice, including in Russia. You have a unique opportunity to undergo a full course of Ayurvedic therapy under the supervision of real Indian doctors in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.

Whether it is necessary to improve health, shaken from frequent stresses and hard work, to get rid of accumulated chronic diseases, or to undergo prophylaxis to strengthen immunity and prevent beriberi, our specialists will select the most individual and effective solution to your problems.

At the initial admission, the patient is examined and comprehensively interviewed, the diagnosis of the disease is determined by the imbalance of doshas, ​​a course of treatment is prescribed (ayurvedic preparations and procedures), and recommendations are given on nutrition and lifestyle.

If necessary or at the request of the patient, sessions of yoga therapy, meditation and psychotherapeutic counseling can be recommended, allowing to restore not only physical but also emotional and mental health. Ayurveda is inseparable from yoga. They not only originated from the same philosophical system, but also have common goals - improving the physical and spiritual well-being of a person, finding inner harmony. Numerous studies confirm that the combination of methods of Yoga and Ayurveda is much more effective than their separate application, especially in relation to chronic diseases. At the consultation, our specialists pay due attention to this, offering regular implementation of various therapeutic asanas of Yoga as an addition to Ayurvedic treatment or as an independent treatment. We will be happy to help you, come!

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Atreya Ayurveda (Атрея Аюрведа)

Atreya Ayurveda (Атрея Аюрведа)

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