Sarasvati Place

Moscow, Arbat, 12s1


The space "Sarasvati Place" is:

♥ The heart of the sattvic life of the capital

♥ Your guide to the world of yoga, breathing and meditation

♥ Reliable benchmark on the way of self-knowledge and self-improvement

♥ A place of unforgettable meetings with enlightened Masters from around the world.

♥ Team of experienced teachers and consultants

♥ Spacious rooms for group and individual practice

♥ Vegetarian cafe "Buddha Bar"

♥ Tea space for contemplation, reflection and leisurely conversation

"Sarasvati Place" is a synthesis of two principles: the spiritual and the material - in its best incarnation!


5% - practices
5% - bar
5% - shop
Sarasvati Place

Sarasvati Place

We are waiting for you in the heart of the capital, on the Old Arbat from 7.00 to 23.00! Our yoga center invites everyone to rise to a new spiritual level!

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