Psychological center "Art of Harmony" (Психологический центр "Искусство Гармонии")

Moscow, Christmas Boulevard, 10/7



How often do residents of large cities think about self-development? Everyday bustle takes a lot of time from a modern person, leaving no opportunity to think about mental health. Therefore, psychological problems often move back, reducing the personal effectiveness of people.

Visit the consultation of a psychologist at the Art of Harmony Center. Our staff will make every effort so that you receive:

- comfortable and safe space for self-knowledge

- the most convenient organization of meetings with psychologists of the center - effective results of therapy, improving the quality of life Formats of our work: - individual counseling by a psychologist - coaching - business psychology - work with family problems - accompanying pregnant women - consultation of a psychologist-sexologist - system layouts


5% - individual psychological consultation
5% - couples' consultation
5% - sand therapy
Psychological center "Art of Harmony" (Психологический центр "Искусство Гармонии")

Psychological center "Art of Harmony" (Психологический центр "Искусство Гармонии")

The Psychological Center "Art of Harmony" is a team of highly qualified psychologists who daily help Muscovites to find peace of mind, as well as learn a lot about the strengths of their personality.

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