NEO Vipassana Retreat Center (Ретрит-центр НЕО Випассана)



"What is the point of filling a dirty vessel with clean water?

"Having received numerous experiences and checking a large number of systems for self-development, the course leaders were convinced that the first step towards a healthy and successful life is to purify the physical body.

This course will give you a lot of discoveries and the long-awaited state of lightness, harmony and purity. A new life awaits you in a new body, with endless possibilities!

In order to start a healthy lifestyle, achieve success and self-realization, get closer to the spiritual, you need to cleanse the body, rebuild the power system and fill yourself with quality energy! The first and key energy should be the food you eat.

Your body must be prepared for a pure and blissful lifestyle physically. A happy state from the outside is impossible in a polluted state from the inside! Do not just say - "you want to change something? Begin with yourself!"

After the course you will feel lightness, freedom, good mood. Negative emotions will be powerless before you! You feel the flow of power that will allow you to go further on the path to a healthy and successful life! You can easily make decisions and carry out any tasks assigned to you.

This course is for you if you want: • Cleanse the body and mind • Improve health and fitness • Learn the best ancient and modern methods of recovery of the body • Get rid of diseases and addictions. • Become easier, happier, freer • Filled with strength and energy • Get rid of anxiety, fuss, an endless stream of thoughts • Learn the spectrum of the practice of yoga, meditation, qigong • Learn to cleanse the body of excess weight, toxins and keep it in excellent shape The course is based on the most ancient practice of self-knowledge.


10% - To complete the NEO Vipassana "Detox" tour
NEO Vipassana Retreat Center (Ретрит-центр НЕО Випассана)

NEO Vipassana Retreat Center (Ретрит-центр НЕО Випассана)

NEO Vipassana is an immersion in meditation based on the oldest tradition of self-observation, transmitted by the Buddha 2500 years ago. The classic technique has proven its effectiveness for thousands of years. And today, in the conditions of a modern lifestyle, physical and informational loads, there is a need to supplement it with dynamic, bodily and respiratory practices. In order to give a person the opportunity to transfer the experience and skills obtained as a result of classes into everyday life. <br />

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