ECO shop Zaryanitsa Nizhny Novgorod (ЭКО магазин Заряница Нижний Новгород)

Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan highway, 12/1


Ekomagazin Zaryanitsa - everything for health and beauty.

Shop natural products in Nizhny Novgorod.

In our assortment you will always find:

- natural food: fresh whole grain products, live

unrefined oils, healthy snacks and sweets from

organic products;

- herbal and fees, balms and extracts based on Russian herbs collected in ecologically clean areas;

- Dietary supplements and functional foods, only the best and proven companies in the Russian market;

- Natural, organic cosmetics from major manufacturers and craftsmen handmade;

In our shop you will always be helped to find a pleasant and original gift for your relatives and friends!

Taking a great interest in a healthy way of life, we discovered a whole world of a new (well-forgotten old), kind and beautiful as well as valuable producers of healthy products, allowing us to maintain and strengthen our health. A great desire to share our experience with others has led us to the idea of ​​creating a shop for natural and organic products. We select only the best manufacturers whose mission is - Strengthening the Health of the Nation.

We invite you to join the team of like-minded healthy and positive life. We are always happy to offer you natural, environmentally friendly products that allow you to maintain and improve the health and quality of your life.

The main assortment of the Zaryanitsa shop is made up of products developed by research and production companies using modern technologies, drawing on the traditions of Russian antiquity and the experience of time-tested folk recipes of Slavic culture.

Tasty, useful and natural - the main components of our products. For your benefit, the vitamins and microelements incorporated by nature are maximally preserved in them. The requirements that we put to food correspond to the teachings of Hippocrates: "Our food must be our medicine."

There are no obscure and harmful components in the composition of all our products: synthetic flavors, colors, stabilizers, taste improvers, GMO ingredients and antibiotics. Food is grown and harvested without the use of chemical fertilizers. Our cosmetics is not tested on animals, does not contain petroleum products and preservatives.

Huge love, respect and interest in their roots, in the Slavic culture of our ancestors are reflected in the name of our store - Dawn - as a symbol of the Slavic goddess of Russia


ECO shop Zaryanitsa Nizhny Novgorod (ЭКО магазин Заряница Нижний Новгород)

ECO shop Zaryanitsa Nizhny Novgorod (ЭКО магазин Заряница Нижний Новгород)

Natural products for health and beauty. <br />

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