Amaranth Field (Амарантовое поле)



In our store you will find only products that are consistent with the concept of healthy food, there are no products that have undergone chemical treatment, during production, storage or during processing.

Our natural cosmetics does not contain petroleum products and chemical additives, only natural oils and bases.

Grains and oilseeds are grown in the Kursk and Voronezh regions without the use of chemical fertilizers, all grains are ready for germination.

In the production of oils, we use the technology of direct cold pressing, which allows us to maintain a maximum of useful substances without allowing the raw materials to be heated. Oils are not blending and if you buy amaranth oil, it means that it is amaranth seed oil without the addition of other oils.

Flour in our shop is produced on millstone with stone millstones, whole grain and live flour, you can use it to make unleavened bread, from our amaranth flour you get a wonderful amaranth sourdough, which you can use to bake amaranth bread.

In our store you will find many products for a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.


Amaranth Field (Амарантовое поле)

Amaranth Field (Амарантовое поле)

Products from amaranth, vegetable oils, vegetarian products, natural cosmetics.

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