Vega Peace Food (Вега Мирная еда)

Volgograd, 7th Guards, 11



This is HEALTH FROM NATURE - a unique range of healthy and eco-friendly food products from all over Russia !!!

Now you have the opportunity to buy in Volgograd - 100% first cold pressed oil - coconut, amaranth, cocoa, cedar, pumpkin, milk thistle, etc.

- Organic ECO-products grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

- Wholemeal flour

- Vegetarian sausages, pies and sausages

- sap of cedar, larch

- Healthy sweets

- Soy products

- Fiber and bran

- Grain for germination

- Dietary and diabetic foods

- Products for raw foodists

- Products for the post

- Altai balsams

- Medicinal teas, herbs and fees

- Nuts and dried fruits

- Spices and spices

- Useful salt and sugar

- Seaweed

- Natural BIO cosmetics not tested on animals

- Literature on healthy lifestyle

and much more.

Our store of healthy products "Vega" offers tasty and healthy products that do not contain animal components, does not cause suffering and cruelty to animals.

The principle of our work is based on a decent attitude to customers, care about your health and the health of your children. Spreading the idea of ​​conscious nutrition, eco-friendly and spiritual cuisine, we have included in the range natural products of exceptional quality that do not contain preservatives, artificial colors, chemical additives and GMOs.

We are always happy to share with you our knowledge and experience on healthy eating and healthy eating.


Vega Peace Food (Вега Мирная еда)

Vega Peace Food (Вега Мирная еда)

A network of ethical shops and cafe-tea rooms, only high quality vegan products.

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