The idea of ​​creating a healthy food production Konoplektika arose from the fact that nowadays very few people know the taste of hemp food, which just a few centuries ago constituted the lion's share of the diet of people in many countries around the world.

Our goal is to produce easy-to-use, eco-friendly, and high-quality food based on natural herbal ingredients at affordable prices.

Our desire is that all over the world healthy and accomplished people become more and more every day, and the quality of life of these people will increase.

Our products are for everyone who cares about their health and likes to eat tasty. We are very careful about the composition of products that we offer you, so here you will find only natural food.

Production takes place at our own facilities, because own production is ours and your confidence in the safety and quality of the product, by means of ensuring full compliance with the technological cycles and strict control of the finished product.

We fully share your concern for your health and well-being, therefore we are ready to confirm the quality of each product with the appropriate documents.

IMPORTANT! Promo code "vegetarian" for a 10% discount must be entered in our online store, in a separate active line, when placing an order.


10% - For all products with a text promo code: vegetarian


Natural, healthy food from agro-nopole (and not only) for health and longevity.

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