Ecoman (EcoMan)

Moscow, Pokrovka, 1/13/6


Our project brings together people who strive for a conscious and humane way of life, rational consumption and healthy habits.

We offer you only 100% healthy and natural products, carefully selected from suppliers by our quality department. We study the compositions, try and choose for you only the best!

Our products and products comply with the principles of healthy nutrition and current trends in nutrition.

We do not have products with white sugar, trans fats, refined oils, flavor enhancers, synthetic preservatives and additives.

In our smoothie bar, we use high-quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and superfoods.

In addition to taste, making the menu, we take into account the compatibility of ingredients and their beneficial properties in order to create drinks that will help you to be healthy and enjoy life! All information we share with you is approved.


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5% - Showcase
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Ecoman (EcoMan)

Ecoman (EcoMan)

Store 100% healthy products without sugar, chemicals and other hazards.

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