Ecomarket "Lime" (Экомаркет "Лайм")

Novosibirsk, October, 42


Lime is the promotion of healthy eating.

We want to show an alternative to foods containing harmful additives, GMOs. Make available alternative healthy foods. To acquaint the population with Ayurveda and Ayurvedic principles of nutrition. To introduce the population to the food of non-violence - vegetarianism.

In our ecomarket presented:

-Eco Cosmetics (Levrana, Miko, Mustaeva, Lavera, Microlysis, Laminaria, Siberia Botanic)

-Household NEHimiya (Freshbubble, PURE WATER) -Ayurveda (Sangam, Himalaya, Shri Ganga) -Gluten Free Products -EcoProducts Superfoods (Now Foods, Royal Forest, Supergreenfood, VeganFoo


Ecomarket "Lime" (Экомаркет "Лайм")

Ecomarket "Lime" (Экомаркет "Лайм")

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