"Tree of Life" ("Древо Жизни")

Tyumen, Chelyuskintsev, 30

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  • 8% - All
    15% - white flax, green buckwheat, black cumin oil, any "Tree of Life" cake
    55% - flax cake


The direction of our project is to educate people about a healthy and ethical lifestyle in harmony with nature, an orientation towards creation and beneficial interaction with the environment, and not towards the cult of consumption.

We focus on organic food, which can be both tasty, aesthetically appealing and healthy, at affordable prices. Today there are a large number of different power systems with their supporters and opponents. And yet they are one in one: a person needs to eat natural products. To eat, how to breathe, naturally and naturally. As well as on the way to a harmonious existence, it is important to use household items and hygiene that are consistent with the ethics of ecology.

Our store collects and checks manufacturers of environmentally friendly natural products. Really bona fide producers are not many, but there are such. Another important point is the affordable price.

We are ready to offer you a choice product at an adequate price.

- nuts, dried fruits, honey

germination -kashi, bread, cookies and soups -urbechi (nut paste) - cold-pressed oil, including our production on a press with an oak barrel - environmentally friendly cosmetics, household items, biologicheskie to maintain the purity of living space - no yeast bread, healthy vegan and raw food sweets - Lenten products: nut milk, sausages, cheese. -vegetables and fruits Products selected and trapped in the windows of our cozy store are tested by our team on themselves;) (besides guarantees and certificates). Everything that we sell, we use and use ourselves, we give to our friends and relatives - and this is the main guarantee of their quality!

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8% - All
15% - white flax, green buckwheat, black cumin oil, any "Tree of Life" cake
55% - flax cake
"Tree of Life" ("Древо Жизни")

"Tree of Life" ("Древо Жизни")

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