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Laskavo is available to the Internet store DOBRA.

Dobry - tse kramnichka syrodesnyh strav that original products. Mi slovoryumo for you 100% natural smacolik manual robot. Autor recipe. Solodoshka and khbtsі gotuyutsya at t 40 ° C, zaddyaki to which all the strains are filled with living and stalking. Mi vikoristovu є ekolog_chno pure grains to Lion and buckwheat.

Vegetables and fruits of this kind of vasnovuch on the pure black earths of Poltava.

The earth is not overwhelmed by chemical preparations and prebirds.

Our nasty smoliki do not make cereal grains, milk and other products of the wild. Similarly, the products are non-succulent. Tse da mozhlivist vzhivati ​​nash_ smekoliki people, just do not live lactose, gluten, tsukor, eggs, etc., ...

Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9 vіtamіni A, E, F, groupies B fіtosteroїdi, ... that flavonoїdi bagato іnshih korisnih vіtamіnіv that mіkroelementіv mіstyat nashі olії pershit, cold vіdzhimu on derev'yanomu presі without contact with metal, but also і without oxidation, наx for taste, taste and lead for vidchute from the first.

So do we need you unicorn comrades, they don’t care for preservatives, just wonderfully for those who want to prevent you from taking that birthplace.

With us, you will know those you will like.

Take care of your health and make yourself feel delicious.


5% - for all goods, except promotional
Dobry.pp.ua (Dobri.pp.ua)

Dobry.pp.ua (Dobri.pp.ua)

Dobri.pp.ua company produces syrodavlennye oils on a wooden press, raw food dried bread, chocolate and handmade bars, means for cleaning and filling oranizm: fees, teas, other non-medical means, etc.

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