Greens Healthy food & organic store

Ekaterinburg, Boris Yeltsin, 3


In our store you will find products without harmful ingredients and with the simplest composition - sugar-free and trans-fat snacks, Urbechi and nut-free pastes without extra additives, a good selection of gluten-free cereals and flour, unrefined cold-pressed oils, ghee butter, superfoods, healthy breakfast, vegetable milk and organic teas and blends of spices!

Our stores are located at two addresses:

Yekaterinburg, st. Malysheva, 71 Bolshoy department store, 2nd floor - format shop-Helathy bar - coffee drinks with vegetable milk, desserts without eggs, lactose and sugar, Chia pudding, shop.



7% - for the entire range of the store
Greens Healthy food & organic store

Greens Healthy food & organic store

Store healthy and organic products in Yekaterinburg!

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