EthnoLawka (ЭтноЛавка)

St. Petersburg, 7th line IN, 40


Friends, in each of the three stores you will find ORIGINAL GOODS from India, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, China at REASONABLE PRICES!

We have presented: jewelry with natural stones; figures of bronze, wood, volcanic stone; clothes made from high-quality breathable fabrics; Oriental cosmetics from natural ingredients; oils for body, face, hair care; bright and beautiful bedspreads in the best traditions of India and Indonesia; henna for hair and mehendi paintings; shawls and silk scarves; candlesticks, ashtrays, pipes, masks, essential oils, useful products for the health of Indian Ayurveda, incense from India, Nepal, Tibet, China, aroma lamps, amulets; Feng Shui, dream catchers, wind music, piggy banks and other money magnets, interior decoration, Indian and Arabian oil perfumes and much more!


10% - For the entire range
EthnoLawka (ЭтноЛавка)

EthnoLawka (ЭтноЛавка)

Rare and awesome products from India, Thailand <br />
Indonesia, Nepal, China

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