SyroedoFF (СыроедоФФ)

Barnaul, Sukhe Bator, 3a


Dear Friends, our associates, we are pleased to present you the first store with a wide range of products that you will find for yourself in our eco-store! Sausages, sausages, cheeses, pates, condensed milk of only the best Leading manufacturers in this field (this product does not contain animal ingredients), grain for germination, healthy snacks, various types of Milk and many other !!!

The shop provides oil press services (in your presence we will make fresh cold-pressed oil), a milling service (in your presence only fresh ground flour)


3% - cheeses, sausages
5% - healthy snacks
7% - grains for sprouting
SyroedoFF (СыроедоФФ)

SyroedoFF (СыроедоФФ)

Ethical shop, veganism, vegetarianism, raw foods

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